Investment Strategy UK

Looking for an investment strategy to help you move forward in 2016?

In finance, an investment strategy is a set of rules and procedures designed to guide your selection of an investment portfolio. Often described as a trade-off between risk and return, it’s important to only seek the most expert advice for this type of activity.

One of the best known investment strategies is to buy and hold: a long-term strategy which is based on the concept that long run equity markets give a good rate of return, despite any difficulties the market might suffer.

Along with the need to minimise transaction costs, you also need to take into account ‘market timing’, which is especially important for small investors. The size of your company doesn’t necessarily dictate your level of success in regards to the stock market. Historically medium-sized companies have actually done better than large cap companies.

For advice on investment strategies in the UK, contact The Money Office. Whether you’re interested in bonds, the stock market or real estate, we’ll connect you with those that offer the best possible expertise.

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